New recording is online

1f6a8.png1f6a8.png1f4bf.pngA new recording is online folks!

Stop scrolling, click on the link below and enjoy the music of Maistre Jhan! Maistre who? Yes, indeed, i thought the same when I discovered him in the music prints of Ferrara, where – although neglected till today – he holds a prominent place among composers as Willaert, Jacquet and others… we were astonished about the beauty of the music, it really gives us a better understanding of the musical environment Adriaen Willaert was singing and playing in at the start of his career before he went to Venice.

Thank you Filip Dámec, Bernd Fröhlich, Jan Petryka, Julian Podger, Tore Denys, Ulfried Staber, Joachim Höchbauer

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