flow-festival : a new midsummer night polyphony festival by Dionysos Now!

Dionysos Now! launches its own new midsummer festival around polyphony in Ostend. Welcome to the flow-festival on 21 and 22 June.

The flow-festival. promises to be a unique and unforgettable celebration of polyphonic music. A meeting place for many, a connecting place between musicians, fans and partners, a showcase but above all a feel-good moment with a unique experience.
The Festival is an innovative and inspiring celebration of music dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of polyphonic soundscapes. This festival promises to be a transformative and unmissable experience for music lovers, artists and curious souls.

Polyphony : polyphony as a metaphor for the 21st century with the bridge to 5 centuries ago, the Renaissance, philosophy and humanism. How wonderful it can be to engage in polyphonic conversation !

Discover the full programme below !

Prelude on 21 June – Willem Hiele Oudenburg

Festival day on 22 June

Kursaal – De Grote Post – Petrus en Pauluskerk Ostend

Book your tickets now via https://www.degrotepost.be/agenda/4595/dionysos-now/flow-midsummer-night-polyphony-festival

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